Ashley Rodriguez Reed


Super Bloom!

Who’s taking over? The flowers or the mass of people?


Little did I know but the insect population is in a decline…

The Super Bloom was an amazing sight of nature and the painted lady butterflies (that can fly as fast as 25 miles per hour!) and other insects were flying around in this rare wonder. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help think about the recent news of the decline of our insect population. Yet another living group to add to our list of things we are destroying. Although extremely beautiful, these images don’t show the trampled and crushed flowers that were a consequence of people forming their own pathways to get great photos. I admit, I was one of these people clamoring up a steep hill on a precarious pathway that upon reflection, I realized was not a real path. It just seemed that way because people were forming it unnaturally. Maybe a big deal, maybe not? I don’t know for sure but it’s not a nice thing if I’m being honest. It’s just what humans do in our excitement to see it all and make sure we get a great Instagram shot.

I wanted to share this beauty because I hope we take better care of it and use it as a moment to pause and reflect. I love seeing the message of consuming less, however, there are just so many people. It's hard not to feel a bit hopeless. Remaining hopeful is important but I want to recognize the bigger cycle I’m in and not get stuck on the path of the masses…like I did during the super bloom! I definitely appreciate that I got to go. I have even more appreciation for nature and the damage caused when masses follow behaviors because so many are participating. I’m not at all a scientist and we don’t know what is causing the insect decline but I can bet it’s related to human consumption and treatment of the planet. The less connected to nature we get, the more we lose touch of how we are taking care of the planet and our small insect friends. They form a foundation of our ecosystem. I’m glad I’m learning more and trying to make some changes along the way. It’s not easy. There is definitely hope, for example, these teenagers striking for political action on climate change. Don’t forget to stop and smell to flowers, but please don’t trample them :)

ashley rodriguez reed