Ashley Rodriguez Reed
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The Forest of My Wild Heart

The Forest of My Wild Heart


This piece was created using screenprinted fabric that I hand printed, digitally printed fabric, commercial fabric, stitching, embroidery, and paint.

The Forest of My Wild Heart: While on a hike in the California coast, I came across a tree with roots growing wild. The trees seemed to create a sanctuary of tangles that created nooks and root arms that invited me into the space to feel protected. At the same time, the wildness of the tree was present and felt like it was moving and growing in a dynamic way. As I saw this space/place my heart pulsed deeper and it gave me that feeling of excitement and connection while providing a sense of serenity. I call it the Forest of my Wild Heart because I try to find balance between these two contradictory feelings of wanting to be wild and free and yet maintaining a natural grounding.

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