Re-Composing, Governor's Island Art Fair, silkscreen on paper and fabric, found chair, 2014

In the Fall of 2014, I was fortunate to be a part of the Governor's Island Art Fair.  This fair allows artists to take over rooms inside of old homes that are still left on the Governors Island.  It was once an army base and before that, it belonged to the Native Americans.  In fact they use to call it Paggank or Nut Island because of the trees (oak, hickory, chestnut). These homes are left to sit and rot as of now but every year artist breath their own life back into them. 

This installation made of silk-screened paper and cardboard was about how we claim nature and then it eventually re-claims us.  It's a playful imagining of the surface of interior design and nature melding and playing (or fighting) for territory of this space.  I made ornamental drawings inspired by the trees on the island and then silkscreen these patterns onto paper and cardboard before building this site specific installation.