Ashley Rodriguez Reed



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A few weeks have already gone by since my Surtex show in NYC this past May.  One of the highlights was meeting a bunch of other artists/designers who were amazingly nice and generous people.  We would talk during down time and share experiences of the show or thoughts about the whole process.  I felt like I was with a bunch of friends! We helped each other with set-up if one of us needed a tool or had a question.  The people I was near made it so much fun and so positive!  Some of them include:  GreenMarrow Studios, Stephanie Chambers, Kate Austin Designs.

Another highlight was the feedback I received about my booth.  I had put a lot of work into my booth along with the help of my dedicated interns Jess, Allie and Jenn who helped me so much during this entire process.  I couldn't have done all of this without them! It was also great to have them by my side to discuss ideas, get feedback, and help develop my brand as a designer.  It can be daunting to put all of this together alone.  Many details go into preparing for the show.  If I were to write about that, this blog post would be waaaay too long.  

Surtex was a great experience and went very smooth.  I met many great artists and also a lot of industry contacts that I'm following up with.  The ultimate fruits of my labor, at least monetarily will be seen in the next year or two.  But the experience I had during this process provided me with relationships that I hope last a lifetime!  

Thanks to everyone who supported me on the way!  My Mom!  My man Kenji! Loo Bain!  My students at Tyler! Fellow Faculty at Tyler!  All my friends!  My family members who always support anything I set my mind to.  And of course my hard-working interns, Allie, Jess and Jenn!

ashley rodriguez reed